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Autumoon IP Informer

What is Autumoon IP Informer

Imagine a scenario, you have an own home server in your home networks, it can be accessed through Internet, which is your want. But the IP is dynamic, you must know the current IP address when you wanna access this computer, but if it changed after you left home, how can you know it? I mean there's no anybody in your home now.

Autumoon IP Informer indicates to solve such problem, you just run this application, it will send email to you very soon after the IP has been changed, very easy to use, what're you waiting for?

How to use Autumoon IP Informer

Autumoon IP Informer
  1. Information
    1. Internal IP is your IP on intranet;
    2. Public IP is your IP on Internet;
  1. Informer Options
    1. Check the inform checked box, then application will send you email after IP changed;
    2. Input the mailbox address which is used to receive the notice email;
    3. Input the smtp server address of the receiving mailbox;
    4. Input your user name of the sending mailbox, use to login;
    5. Input your password of the sending mailbox, use to login, application will NOT keep or destribute your password and other confidential data;
    6. Input the sender's mailbox, it also can be the same as receiver's;
    7. Click OK button.

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